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Who we are

The NGO “House of diversity and education” seeks to promote human rights in education with a focus on comprehensive sexuality education, not only for students but also for teachers and parents who lack substantial knowledge, experience, and courage.

Our goals

  • Enable teachers, parents, and guardians to feel comfortable and secure when exposed to sexuality education topics.

  • Enhance the skills of education and mental health specialists and empower them to deliver high-quality services.

  • Expand the accessibility to science-based sexuality education.

  • Provide everyone with reproductive rights and access to sexual health services. 

  • Strengthen violence prevention education.

  • Increase critical thinking and media literacy skills of reporters and journalists. 

  • Promote the development of expertise on the formation of equal relationships and the cultivation of self-love and self-respect.

  • Foster knowledge about diversity and inclusion.

  • Ensure LGBT bullying and discrimination prevention education, and guide school communities to creating a safe environment for everyone.  

What we do

Human rights and sexuality education

We organise trainings for parents and teachers, as well as various activities for children and teenagers conducted by sexuality education experts. It is essential to create a safe and comfortable environment enabling everyone to engage in discussions and boost self-confidence during teachings and activities. The teaching material is all science-based and is catered to different age groups.

Advocacy work

It is extremely important for our team to advocate for and communicate about sexuality education. We aim to educate society by publishing articles on sexuality education topics, which get published on our social media and other major media platforms. Likewise, we participate in radio and TV shows and initiate relevant and significant discussions.

Toolkits and other material

Additionally, our organisation develops educational material and writes suggestions/guidance for parents, education specialists, teachers, and students. All this information and material can be found on our website which is accessible and free of charge for everyone. 

Our projects

There are two ongoing sexuality education projects: “Lytiškumo akademija” (“The Academy for Sexuality”) and “Lytiškumo kuprinė” (“Sexuality Backpack"). Both projects ensure the opportunity to conduct trainings for teachers and students in schools across Lithuania. Additionally, we are currently  developing a board game which would serve as a sexuality education teaching tool.

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